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Carol Zanmiller and John Hutchens

It would be difficult to separate our individual professional journeys, having worked together for more than 20 years to design some of the world’s most innovative space communications solutions. We’ve worked for both the military and private corporations, stateside and abroad, to cultivate the expertise that is now Cosmic AES.

Our careers began by building and launching commercial satellites for Hughes Space & Communications, highlighted by launching a satellite from the space shuttle in the mid-80s. John built two satellites – Westar 6 and Palapa – that were lost when launched off the satellite. Hughes employed the space shuttle crew to retrieve the lost satellites. They were successful and the crew had a little fun with the now famous “Satellites For Sale” photos. Carol’s first satellite was for Morelos, Mexico (see photo at left). The satellite was successfully launched from the space shuttle in the mid-80s.

We have performed on-orbit health and safety payload analysis, supported ground processing, and worked with operational communities to engineer communications solutions. We also worked for Booz Allen & Hamilton, one of the world’s leading management and technology consulting firms in business development, contracts, and finance.

Our time at Hughes Space & Communications and Lockheed gave us engineering discipline and a thorough understanding of space and signals. Booz Allen & Hamilton gave us deep business skills. However, neither place allowed us to work closely with the operational user and deliver innovative solutions to solve their mission needs. This is why we chose to launch Cosmic AES in 2001 — a business built around a team of experts that can respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ unique needs. We make it happen.

Carol Zanmiller, CEO, has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technical, a Masters in Business Management from Boston University, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from CU Boulder.

John Hutchens, President, has a degree in Electrical Engineering from DeVry and a Masters in Business Management from Boston University.

Carol Zanmiller, CEO of Cosmic AES
Carol Zanmiller, CEO
John Hutchens, President of Cosmic AES
John Hutchens, President
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