Capabilities Overview


Cosmic Advanced Engineered Solutions (Cosmic AES) provides high-end signal processing and space solutions.

Through a network of carefully picked employees and consultants, the Cosmic AES team specilalizes in the design and engineer of high-end signal processing and space control solutions, leveraging existing technologies to allow for cost effective, adaptable and open system solutions that meet our customer’s needs.  Over the past decade we have built powerful and adaptable application solutions in counter space, special operations, and homeland security.  

Cosmic AES’s core competency is the design, development, and operational utility of systems with expertise in digital signal processing (DSP), spectrum monitoring and signal generation, geolocation, software development, developmental/operational testing, architecture, concept of operations and requirements.

Our staff has strong technical expertise with the right mix of seasoned subject matter experts and mid level engineers with hands-on experience in the latest technology and space superiority operations. We have invested in a State-of-Art Digital Signal Processing Lab including satellite dishes for signal monitoring development work.   We have ample space for development and laboratory work and small-scale production. 

Cosmic AES invests in the areas of concerns to our customers and work closely with the operators to thoroughly understand all the complexities of the project. Our spiral development method allows us to focus on small critical components of a project to ensure the end product works effortlessly. We break down the project into phases while continuing to design and develop the whole solution allowing for quality conception and comprehension. Cosmic AES's business approach allows our customers to see results sooner through incremental investments. We make it simple.

Cosmic AES - Experts in Space and Communications