Rapid Prototyping


Our rapid prototyping approach allows technology to be explored at a lower cost and short schedule.  It has many applications for the Department of Defense:  delivery Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) to address urgent warfighter needs; develop concepts with prototypes to properly scope and define system capabilities prior to large acquisition;  explore how to experiment with technology to address mission needs; and  explore new technologies to increase technical readiness level (TRL).


Rapid prototyping can provide answers needed to make acquisition and operational decisions like:  Is the solution viable?  Is it cost effective? Is it disruptive?  At Cosmic AES we work with our customers to find out faster.


Our Rapid Prototyping portfolio spans a broad range of space communications solutions:

  • Terrestrial geolocation of push-to-talk radios
  • Satellite signal generation in small transportable format
  • Moving emitter satellite geolocation
  • Satellite interference detection and relocation
  • Signal exploitation applications
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