Solutions in Signals and Space

We build high-performance, adaptable solutions in the space, signals, and cyber domains. By drawing upon deep engineering and operational expertise, we help customers solve problems that emerge too quickly for the traditional acquisition cycle to address.

Our core competency is the design, development, and operational utility of systems, with expertise in

  • RF and Radio Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Geolocation Solutions
  • Overhead Persistent Infrared
  • Cyber Mission Solutions
  • Embedded Hardware
  • Other Services

To best meet customers' needs, we offer:

Rapid prototyping to field solutions faster
Sometimes you can't wait until requirements are well defined and on paper. With rapid prototyping, we can help you quickly deliver the most urgent capabilities, explore technical feasibility of new technology, and refine the design and requirements.

Custom or off-the-shelf solutions, based on your needs
We understand that sometimes you need an adaptable solution that integrates with existing systems, which operators can learn quickly, so we specialize in non-proprietary, open architecture systems. We can often leverage existing technologies to quickly and cost-effectively deliver new capabilities. Or when a custom solution is the only thing that will truly deliver the capabilities you need, we've got you covered.

Expanded capabilities with the latest technology
We continually look for ways to leverage the latest technology to further expand capabilities while improving performance and enhancing user experience.

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Our work in action

We have a proven record of fielding systems rapidly to meet operators' urgent needs. Our work can be found across a variety of missions and applications. Learn more about partnering with us.

  • Solutions for the counter space, special operations, cyber, military SATCOM, intel, and remote sensing missions
  • Applications in homeland defense, precision navigation and timing (PNT), OPIR, as well as commercial
  • Fully remoted systems that can be operated around the globe from a single location


A good investment

As a small engineering firm, we're able to offer greater agility and flexibility than possible in traditional aerospace firms. When you partner with Cosmic AES, you can expect:

Adaptable solutions – We develop non-proprietary, open architecture solutions designed for easier integration with your existing systems and your operator's needs.

Agile development – By breaking projects into sprints, we keep you engaged throughout development, test and validate at each critical phase, and continually refine the solution to ensure you get the results you want.

Incremental investment – Rather than requiring a large upfront sum, we offer a modular approach to development so you know you're using your technology funding effectively.

Disciplined engineering – We follow development best practices (Agile, DevSecOps, CMMI -DEV) throughout the lifecycle of the project in order to build a solid foundation for design, development, documentation, and testing.

Cosmic AES - Experts in Space and Communications