Cyber Mission Solutions

We understand how to harness the fundamental design and implementation of signals to cyber. This includes build-out and test of both operational and analytical solutions for unique missions. By seamlessly fusing signals and cyber expertise, we can provide access points not seen in other markets.

  • Our expertise is hardware and software forensics, firmware and software, satellite communications, and software-defined radio (SDR).
  • We can augment existing hardware, customized off-the-shelf solutions, or develop new solutions.
  • Our product classes for cyber solutions include very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antennas, modems, switches and routers, cellular or other wireless devices, and similar network-capable embedded systems.

We have the technical expertise and mission background to provide effective, innovative solutions.

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Solutions we can provide

  • Develop solutions that merge and pivot between RF delivery and traditional network access
  • Design and build matter-of-fact solutions in concert with larger prototyping endeavors
  • Engineer custom embedded signal processing solutions by improving niche COTS/GOTS equipment or through novel uses of open-source software
  • Develop out-of-band communications networks over non-traditional information paths
  • Customize existing hardware and software to create smaller-footprint devices that can simultaneously receive and transmit from a discrete housing
  • Refine solutions for simultaneous signal generation and reception, including quick-turn operational solutions based on converged hardware, signal, and software analytics
  • Expand and improve operational abilities of existing analog and digital capture equipment to provide new avenues of data recovery and analysis
  • Rearchitect FPGA, ASIC, or SoC hardware platforms delivering robust cyber-enabled satellite communications capabilities
  • Fabricate and execute start-up environments to prove, test, and validate capabilities
  • Provide operator engagement and onsite support to military or government customers

Some of our projects

We developed an operational capability that met the client's unique needs — timing challenges, multiplexing VSAT systems, and future high-bandwidth capability satellite network. The effort spurned additional innovations:

Near real-time end-to-end intelligence support solution

Synthesized satellite communications activities to produce pattern-of-life metrics and cross-cueing of significant satellite network events.

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