RF and Radio Design

RF "air" access starts with a robust and reliable radio frequency design. We design and build a full spectrum of RF solutions. Whether you need to characterize signals, efficiently transport data via satellite, or if you need a customized waveform developed, we can help. We design both satellite and terrestrial RF systems, leveraging custom and off-the-shelf equipment for the full transmit and receive chain from antennas to baseband. We also have experience designing and developing phased arrays and smart antenna systems.

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Solutions we can provide

  • Custom transceiver design
  • Custom antenna design
  • Comprehensive testing of RF systems
    • Test procedure development
    • Test execution
    • Antenna characterization¬†

Some of our projects

L band/S band distributed aperture phased array

Design and prototypes


Wideband custom patch antennas

Design and prototypes

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