Overhead Persistent Infrared

We develop applications to process, visualize, fuse, and report events of interest using data from the nation's overhead persistent infrared (OPIR) satellite systems to aid the military and other government organizations in their missions. We use modular software design and deliver frequent updates to operational analysts. The high-fidelity data from the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) satellites is processed into image-quality presentations and data reports that are formatted for readability and transmission.

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Solutions we can provide

  • SBIRS wideband data-processing tools that provide operators with new capabilities and innovative ways to use SBIRS data to support other missions — we lead the development of the Enhanced Wideband Imagery Tool or EWIT
  • Near real-time information to special forces and new mission capabilities for enhanced battlespace awareness
  • Development of external sensor fusion for more accurate data on the events of interest
  • Design for transportable/mobile electromagnetic pulse (EMP)-protected processing shelters
  • Compact, agile, and/or mobile antenna designs for greater mission flexibility
  • Mission-related software application development using microservices and dockers from internet best practices to keep evolving the platform as more advanced technology becomes available

Some of our projects

Enhanced Wideband Imagery Tool (EWIT)

Tools to process SBIRS wideband data. Includes

  • EWIT Automated Detection Support (EADS): Multi-mode auto detection, automated messaging, batch processing, and machine learning
  • EWIT Detection Database (EDDB): Storage, export, query, and overview of detections generated by EWIT and EADS

Databahn Connect

Developed the interface to communicate OPIR event products to unique forward users.

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